Program Overview

Our multi-age preschool programs are designed for children ages three to six years who are toileting independently; the integrated kindergarten program is designed for children ages five to six. Each of our preschool classes has at least one teacher certified by the Department of Public Instruction (DPI), as well as at least one Montessori-certified teacher.

Years of experience teaching young children through the Montessori method have shown us that this age group does best with consistency and repetition. We have carefully designed our environment and materials to help nurture concentration, coordination and independence, as well as give concrete experience with academics and social interaction. Each of our teachers is a nurturing guide who prepares the environment, facilitates problem-solving and serves as a positive role model.

At C.C.S., children receive a foundation in everyday living, social skills, self-care, large-motor skills, sensory experiences, language and math skills, nature, art and music. Children go outside every day for socialization, large-motor experience, nature study, group games and fantasy play.

Though children benefit by attending C.C.S. even just one or two years, our preschool programs are planned as a comprehensive, three-year experience. Committed to letting each child grow at his or her own pace, our teachers specifically select and sequence materials to appeal to individual developmental needs from the first day a child walks through the door until the day he or she “graduates” from our school. Additionally, an optional, individualized kindergarten program exists within the pre-school classes. We strongly encourage parents to give children the benefit of the three-year sequence since it is during the third year that the fruit of many long-nurtured seeds have the chance to ripen.

Program Overview

Preschool (Red)                                      Preschool (Blue)
Ages 3 to 6 years.                                      Ages 3 to 6 years.
5 Days / Monday through Friday           4 Days / Tuesday through Friday
8:15-11:20am                                              8:15-11:20am
(optional lunch until 1pm)

Preschool (Full Day)
Ages 3 to 6 years.
4 or 5 Days / Monday through Friday

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