loriLori has been with C.C.S. since 1986 and is presently co-teacher in the Red Class and lead teacher of the afternoon program. She previously taught in the Blue Class for 7 years. Lori completed her Montessori training at Montessori Education Centers Associated in Chicago in 1994 and holds an American Montessori Society Montessori teaching degree. Over the years she has attended many early childhood seminars as well as a Sign Language I class through the Mount Horeb Recreational Department, a Child Psychology course through Edgewood College, and a Family Daycare course at Madison Area Technical College. Lori is certified in CPR and First Aid through the American Red Cross. Her special classroom interests are all types of music, language activities and incorporating a little Spanish into the curriculum. She enjoys traveling, walking, singing, and spending time with her son, Taylor, who is a CCS alumnus.

I always knew that I wanted to be a teacher. It’s truly rewarding in the Montessori classroom the way that older children are so helpful to the younger ones, how a child’s face lights up as they connect the sounds to make that first word, and how that thrid year child comes full circle and blossoms.