The word “prepared” applies in so many ways when talking about Children’s Community School.

For 45 years, we’ve prepared children for life, helping them reveal their unique character and pursue their passions as they work toward reaching their full potential. We follow the Montessori principle of providing a prepared environment — a classroom setting that’s thoughtfully designed by our teachers to encourage exploration, independence, freedom within limits, beauty, harmony, and a sense of order and trust. And as we look toward the future, we’re Prepared to Grow … in our physical space and as a nonprofit organization.

We invite you — our parents, grandparents, alumni, community partners, neighbors, friends and business leaders — to join us in creating a new learning environment that will nurture and support future generations of community-minded problem-solvers.

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Learn about our history and challenges, the benefits of our new site and planned facility, potential programming expansions and our goals and partners.

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Watch a short video with photos and video of children working in our current and past buildings, and words from past students and current staff.

Other Ways You Can Help

In addition to making a gift to our campaign, you can help in several other ways:

  • GET INVOLVED: Volunteer for a fundraising event or help us behind the scenes.
  • CONTRIBUTE AN IN-KIND GIFT: Donate your professional services or materials.
  • MAKE CONNECTIONS: Introduce us to potential donors who might be interested in supporting our campaign.
  • HOST A FUNDRAISING EVENT OR A MINI-CAMPAIGN: If you stay connected to your children’s former CCS classmate families, consider holding an informal gathering to educate others about our new building campaign.
  • SPREAD THE WORD: Tell your neighbors, friends and family about the positive impact CCS has made on the children in your life, and our school’s importance in the Mount Horeb community.
  • HELP US UPDATE OUR DATABASE: Share with us your current contact information, and that of your alumni or other CCS connections.

We hope you’ll invest in our project and leave a legacy that will enrich families’ lives for many years to come.

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Why give?

Hear from donors on why they chose to give:

“CCS has been such a warm, welcoming place for our family, and it helped us meet our children’s social and emotional needs as well as give them a solid foundation for starting grade school.

The lessons about friendship, kindness, and a responsibility to treat others and the natural world with gentleness have stuck with them, and the freedom offered by the Montessori model meant that they learned to pursue their own interests and make their own choices within the framework of those values.”

“We donated because we wanted the to be part of the once in a lifetime opportunity to invest in a learning community that we are so grateful to be part of.

We feel strongly that the world is a better place when children begin their education in the respectful, nurturing environment that CCS provides.”

“We donated because we believe in the Montessori way.

Our daughter is thriving at CCS and we feel we are part of a family that is invested in our child; for that we are forever grateful.”

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